Interview with Lucy Rowan

‘Play Harder’

OE Magazine, Oktober, 2021

“I am fascinated by phenomena that shape our social networks and ultimately, our position in space and time. So I guess my main inspirations are sociological phenomena as well as crafting techniques and the materialities I am working with. I am seeking ways in which my designs, performances and dressmaking can open up new perspectives of being in a world that is suffering from pollution, inequality and alienation.”





‘The Chop’

Schön!magazin, Juni 2021 

The Chop, online editorial shot by photographer Lotte Thor invites us
to explore movement, creativity,
fashion and more. Model Maya Dejean
wears looks from Y/Project, Jacquemus, Kwaidan Editions and others styled
by Silke Holzschuher. Hair for the editorial is by Sutida and make up
is by Naomzz.



‘The World’s a little blurry’,

Quality Magazin© Arnaud Ele

Photographer: Arnaud Ele @arnaud.ele @cosmopola_berlin
Creative production: Laura Knoops @knoops
Styling:Danny Muster Works @dannymusterwork assisted by:Ann-Kathrin Schröder @loamauna
Muah:Susanna Helen @susanna_helen_
Model: Maxie Elizabeth@maxie_elizabeth
Mint Artist Management @mintartistmanagement
Video:Noé Cassi @noedelanuit
Executive production: Eleknoop @eleknoops

Bra & pants: Katharina Spitz
Hat: Anne Bellinger / Joy Weinberger
Furry arm: Esther Perband

Dress: Esther Perbandt
Hat: Fiona Bennett
Earrings: Ottolinger